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Sep 30, 2012 8:30am PDT
," sing. >> hinojosa: so you started in 1962 in detroit, and you were how old? >> 16. >> hinojosa: 16, and you get your first big break. >> mm-hmm. >> hinojosa: and it's... what's the nature of that song that you recorded? >> a song that i hated for a very long time, because it made me an instant adult. all of my friends were doing american bandstand, and you wanted to go... you wanted first of all to have a crossover record, which "my man" would never have done at that time, because it was a bck rhythm and blues record about a black situation, worded for black people. and it took me directly where... well, the supremes hadn't had their first record then. i mean their first national record. but the other young people, like the shirelles, whoever, were all together. and i was on the road with clyde mcphatter and ben e. king. everybody was at least six years older than me, six to 15 years older than me. >> hinojosa: so bettye, here you are, you're a teenager, you're singing about your man, and you've got this voice that you yourself have said it's gruff, it's harsh. what was going on fo
Sep 5, 2012 5:30pm PDT
that we would let it go under and the romney statement, "let detroit go bankrupt," his definition of bankruptcy meant real bankruptcy, not just restructuring. it's going to hurt him in michigan and ohio what he has said about letting the auto industry go under. i think it will hurt him in the country. i find the reaction to that slogan-- imported from detroit-- having an amazing impact everywhere in the country, by the way. when that commercial hit that chrysler put on, it brought pride-- not just to michigan, not just to ohio. i'm telling you, i found it all over the country. >> ifill: congress, i want you to ask you to tell your story. >> it's an amazing story. three shifts there. they started making the chevy cruise which is selling like hotcakes all over the globe and just last week got an announcement that general motors is going to invest another $200 million in the lords town plant, which is going to solidify the next generation of cruise to be in northeast ohio. 4500 jobs, and that's not even talking the supply chain, as want senator knows very well it's seat manufacturers
Sep 10, 2012 4:30pm PDT
. that plant in suburban detroit, where ford and mazda used to build cars together, will add a second shift next summer, to build the ford fusion. >> they're hourly positions and they run the gamut from working in our body shop, to working in our paint shop, to working in what's known as our final assembly area. and these are all very good paying jobs that will help i think not only the local communities, because in addition to the 1,200 hourly positions in the plant itself, there's a trickle down or a multiplier effect of jobs that are created in communities. >> tom: ford expects its newly re-modeled fusion to be a top seller, already, hitting record sales in august. the michigan plant will be in addition to fusions built in mexico. and there are more pink slips at hewlett-packard. h.p. today said it will lay off an additional 2,000 employees. that's on top of the 27,000 job cuts it detailed in may as part of a $3.7 dollar, multi-year of a $3.7 billion, multi-year restructuring plan. h.p. is world's number one maker of personal computers. it employs more than 300,000 people worldwide. >> t
Sep 17, 2012 4:30pm PDT
, but also abroad as they sell detroit's finest around the globe. of the $350 billion worth of cars and auto parts produced here last year, $123 billion were exported. today's action came just as china challenged a u.s. trade law passed in march. china claims that law allows for unfair tariffs on a wide range of chinese-made products. of course, today's action also comes in the midst of a heated presidential campaign. republican candidate mitt romney accuses president obama of playing nice with china. many see this action as a chance for the president to look tough before the november election. >> there's nothing really new about the trade allegations that have taken place the timing is political opportunist for both sides however, this is not an indication that the us and china are headed to a trade war, and this is not an indication that either side takes trade enforcement lightly. this is simply a taking a trade issue and framing for a moment of political convenience for both sides. >> reporter: sean west of the eurasia group says when it comes to the w.t.o. rules, the u.s. and china both
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4